About Us

canstockphoto8180547Christy Young is a registered massage therapist and registered osteopath. Working from the Cobourg, Ontario area since 2002, Christy has expanded her practice to Durham region, working out of Courtice, Ontario also.

Shortly after beginning work as a massage therapist, Christy began taking courses in Craniosacral therapy (also known as cranial osteopathy). Through many years of practice and study, she was able to treat conditions that were not effectively treated elsewhere. This led to further study in the field of Osteopathy. This intense program also afforded the opportunity to study in additional fields, being vertiginous disorders.

Christy has taught within the massage therapy program and the Osteopathic program.

All treatments are a blend of the best of massage therapy and osteopathy in order to optimize the patient’s healing.

Every person is unique. Each set of symptoms is as individual as the person. Osteopathy welcomes the difficult and complicated health problems that overwhelm other health professions. It is always safe, drug free and every treatment is customized specifically to that patient, that day.

Patients with Ménière’s disease now have hope to help their symptoms.