Craniosacral Therapy 2

Course Outline

Day 1

Review and questions of Craniosacral Therapy 1

  • Practice review

Discussion of headaches, post concussive syndrome, vertiginous disorders

  • Time: 4 hours

Introduction to mandible and maxillae

  • Importance and attachments
  • Cranial nerves
  • Practice

Discussion of TMJ disorders

  • Time: 4 hours

Day 2

(Intro to intraoral work)

Continue discussion of TMJ disorders

  • Palpation of muscle attachments
  • Introduction to Palatine, ethmoid, nasal bones, zygomae
  • Practice
  • Time: 8 hours

Day 3

Introduction to treatment of lesions

  • Discussion of direct vs indirect
  • How to safely treat lesions
  • Possible outcomes
  • How to locate lesions
  • Time: 8 hours

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