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Water is the Essence of Life

Did You Know?

Our brains are 95% water….

  • mild dehydration causes memory loss, fatigue, difficulty reading small print
  • chronic dehydration mimics Alzheimer’s disease

All organ function depends on water

  • constipation is usually a result of decreased hydration
  • joint pain is caused by mild dehydration and more permanent damage to joints can be caused by chronic dehydration

Blood is approximately 80% water

  • Blood viscosity (thickness) is determined by water.  If it is too thick it will result in high blood pressure because its harder to pump.  Too thin, and there is insufficient volume often resulting in low blood pressure.

Most people are chronically dehydrated.  Our built-in regulator, our thirst mechanism, actually shuts off when chronically dehydrated.  It can be turned back on over time with increasing the amount of non-caffienated beverages.NaturalBalance_logo